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Eucharist Evangomercials

“I Need A Savior:” Catholics Come Home Eucharist® EvangomercialsTM Invite People Home to Adoration


Heavy Burdens from Catholics Come Home on Vimeo.

The statistics of Catholic belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist are disappointing, like this CARA poll indicates, which found that about four out of every 10 Catholics don't believe in the True Presence, and 71 percent don't partake in Eucharistic Adoration.

Tom Peterson, Catholics Come Home® founder and president, cites one reason for the lack of participation in adoration: "Sometimes, we just don't understand what (or Whom) we are missing!" 

With this new ad, Catholics Come Home® seeks to remind others that Jesus is truly present on the altar in the Sacred Host. "The institution of the sacraments is a unique gift of Jesus to His Catholic Church," Tom explains. "So, on this past Holy Thursday, when Christ celebrated the first Mass with His apostles, we were excited to celebrate that special sacramental gift to us, by releasing our new Eucharist evangomercialTM."

The organization is quickly spreading its new :15 second and :30 second evangomercialsTM around the Web. The ads, sponsored by a generous grant from Our Sunday Visitor, feature lyrics from Catholic musician Chris Muglia's song, "I Need a Savior."

The new Eucharist ads, along with the other new evangomercialTM , "Heavy Burdens," released by Catholics Come Home® at the beginning of Lent with its companion website,, depict the dynamic duo of sacraments—Confession and Holy Communion—that should take center stage in the spiritual lives of Catholics to help them grow in holiness not just during Lent, but all year round.

Catholics Come Home® hopes that the new evangomercialTM will help souls encounter the mercy and grace of the Catholic faith and rekindle a relationship with God, who humbled Himself, giving Himself to His Church in the Holy Eucharist.