Outside da Box

Catholic Films for Teens

Founded in 2005, Outside da Box (OdB) is an apostolate devoted to the creation of Catholic video resources for teens. It is a unique and well-positioned leader and resource in the Catholic Church’s efforts to evangelize and form the young church.

OdB was created to respond to a critical need: the absenOutside Da Box Zombies Filmce of relevant Catholic video resources for parish youth ministry and catechetical settings.

Today’s online, digital world is quite sobering. It is now a social reality where a great deal of teenage existence is lived. Teens in America spend a daunting 7.5 hours a day (1/3 of their lives) in front of some sort of screen. Their lives are saturated with digital messages - many of which are misleading and destructive.

In his final Apostolic Letter, St. John Paul II declared, “Everything possible must be done so that the Gospel might permeate society, stimulating people to listen to and embrace its message.” (The Rapid Development, paragraph 8)

With a keen understanding of youth culture and a mission to create short films that help teens know, love, and serve Jesus Christ, OdB is responding to St. John Paul II’s declaration and the Church’s call for a “New Evangelization.”

Outside da Box produces and posts one new film each month on its website, YouTube channel, and other social media outlets. Since its inception, OdB has produced and distributed more than 100 short films (three award-winning) reaching out to thousands of young people in Catholic parishes and dioceses throughout the world. OdB videos average more than 350,000 online film views each year.

Thanks to generous donors who support the ministry, over the past nine years, OdB has given away more than 30,000 DVDs, free of charge.

Currently, Outside da Box is working on two Catholic film initiatives. In partnership with Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia, OdB is creating a 48-film series called VCAT (Video Catechism). This series presents the four components of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Creed, Sacraments, Morality, & Prayer) in a teen-friendly digital curriculum. These short films are being released monthly from October 2012 – September 2016.

The second series is much more substantial in scope. Thanks in part to a generous grant from Our Sunday Visitor Institute, and in partnership with Diocese of Rockford, Illinois and Spirit Juice Studios, OdB is producing an hour-long narrative films series on lives of saints called Encounter. Each volume will contain a narrative film showing a particular saint’s encounter with Christ and a robust 3-week curriculum containing behind-the-scenes featurettes, short documentaries, and small group experience materials for faith conversations. The first film, Full of Grace, focuses on the Blessed Mother in her final days on earth as she remembers back to the Annunciation and encourages the Apostles in their mission.

For more information about Outside da Box and its video resources, visit www.outsidedabox.com. Follow OdB on Twitter at @getOutsideDaBox and find them on Facebook at facebook.com/outsidedabox.