Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Sunday Visitor Institute seeks to serve the Church by supporting and encouraging innovative and effective Church-related programs and activities that help Catholics fulfill their calling to discipleship, strengthen their relationship with Christ, deepen their commitment to the Church and contribute to its growth and vitality in the world.  The four areas of special interest for funding are evangelization, catechesis, vocation and advancing the culture of life.


Our Sunday Visitor Institute is a dynamic extension of Our Sunday Visitor, Inc., that supports the mission of the company in a way that both heightens public awareness of Our Sunday Visitor’s mission and strengthens the effectiveness of the entire corporation.


Our core values include fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church, fiscal responsibility, cultural responsiveness, collaboration and innovation.


Application News

At this time, we are not taking applications until later this summer. The application process will be web-based going forward. We will announce the new process, guidelines and the application form on this website. The Board and Institute Committee are in the process of finalizing the areas we want to fund.

As of now the areas are: The Hispanic Experience, Parenting Initiative and Unaffiliated Millennials (or the “Nones”).

Each of our grant cycles will focus on a different area likely starting with the unaffiliated millennial priority area due September 15. Communication, including a webinar, will be coming soon that outlines the Institute’s new vision, focus and processes. Thank you for your interest. Stay tuned!