National Catholic Office for the Deaf

A non-profit membership organization for pastoral workers in Deaf ministry

The National Catholic Office for the Deaf (NCOD) is a non-profit membership organization for pastoral workers in Deaf ministry.  It began in 1971 to enable National Catholic Office for the Deafministers who worked in the Deaf community to have a place to share their experiences and ideas for furthering ministry to and with Deaf people.

Over the years, NCOD has grown into a professional organization of diocesan directors, clergy, consecrated religious, permanent deacons, and lay ministers, both Deaf and hearing with the common goal of serving the Church through the serving the needs of individuals who are Deaf and assisting the Church to become more accessible to all Catholics. 

NCOD provides opportunities for those in Deaf ministry to network with others through its annual conference, Pastoral Week.  Pastoral Week is a time for rekindling old friendships; meeting those who are new to ministry and learning new ways to effectively minister in the Deaf community and enrich oneself spiritually.  Pastoral Week gives those who are deaf and work in the ministry an opportunity to participate in workshops, presentations and gathering in their own language, American Sign Language (ASL).   Many of the presenters at the conference are either Deaf themselves or can sign fluently.

Additionally, NCOD produces resources in ASL the language of the Deaf.  These resources help to prepare Deaf individuals for Sacraments of First Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation.  There is also a DVD resource for learning the prayers of the Roman Missal.

NCOD is also a resource for dioceses and archdiocese interested in establishing a more formal ministry with Deaf people in their home area.  NCOD provides support and information to bishops and diocesan staffs on Deaf culture, and other aspects of ministry that are specific to evangelizing in the Deaf community, and to answer questions on interpreters, sacramental preparation and involving Deaf people in the ministry of the Church.

For more information or to become a member of NCOD please visit or website