Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network

Faith and leadership

Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network (CMFN) consists of 600 members, including individuals, pastoral agents/volunteers, diocesan personnel, farmworkers/rural immigrants and other farmworker or rural organizations. CMFN works throughout the country to bring the pastoral presence of the Church to thousands who reside in isolated rural areas, often lacking adequate pastoral support or connection with the local church.

Catholic Migrant Farmworker NetworkCMFN, since 1996, has provided faith formation and leadership development through Pastoral Courses in two levels. These courses, presented in Spanish, address, migrant outreach, Catholic Social Teaching, facilitation skills for small groups, prayer forms and  leadership skill-building, methods of Bible Study, popular religiosity, mentoring, spirituality, building communication skills and pastoral organizing.

Level One prepares pastoral leaders and  rural immigrants and farmworkers to provide spiritual and social service outreach and qualifies them for the more advanced Level II course offered the following year which focuses  upon theological reflection, bible study, popular religiosity, spirituality and leadership development . Offered on the weekends, the courses combine formal presentations which engage the participant's life experience, personal reflection, small group discussion and a Eucharistic Liturgy.

Upon completion the participants receive certificates and become members of CMFN. Courses are evaluated by the participants and diocesan collaborators.
Goals of CMFN:

  1. To promote leadership development among rural agricultural immigrants.
  2. To facilitate networking and collaboration among groups working with farmworkers and rural immigrants throughout the US.
  3. To promote the needs and contributions of rural agricultural workers and encourage local churches and communities to welcome these workers  and accompany  them  on their journey.
  4. To provide immersion experiences for college students to better understand the daily life, challenges and joys of agricultural workers in the US.

Services that CMFN provides are: a network membership that includes: quarterly newsletters; discounted published resources; provision of network contacts through the CMFN membership directory with those who do outreach with farmworkers/rural immigrants throughout the US; pastoral visits to different areas throughout the US (5 per year); as well as, immersion experiences for Catholic college students with farmworkers and rural immigrants during spring/summer/fall/winter break weeks.