Letter from the Executive Director

Jerome Kearns, Executive Director

Our Sunday Visitor Institute was established to carry on the vision of Archbishop John F. Noll who founded Our Sunday Visitor for one purpose – To Serve the Church. Archbishop Noll was not only a great communicator, he recognized philanthropy and fundraising as vital ministries. One cannot exist without the other and both enable the Church to pursue more effectively its mandate to spread the Gospel and bear witness in word and deed to the saving power of Christ.

Thanks to its publishing materials, offertory envelopes and other services, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. supports the Church in two ways: Through its products and by contributing its earnings to Our Sunday Visitor Institute. The Institute has four priorities: Catechesis, Evangelization, Vocations and Stewardship and always seeks to support the Church’s efforts to bear witness to those in physical and spiritual need throughout society.

Over the years, we have invested to serve women and protect human life through women’s care centers and crisis pregnancy centers; we have provided funds to help educate young and old through distance learning facilities, on college campuses and through programs offered by Catholic elementary schools and high schools; we have helped form Church leaders –cleric, vowed and lay; we have sponsored programs promoting marriage, family life and Natural Family Planning. We have funded a variety of stewardship training efforts.

In essence, our work is to serve the Church through the many ministries of the Church. If they didn’t ask and we didn’t give, those served by these ministries would be denied.

The challenge to determine which agencies, ministries and programs will have the greatest impact and do the most good with the limited available resources is difficult. Our Sunday Visitor Institute Advisory Council members study each application thoroughly, discuss them openly and make recommendations to Our Sunday Visitor Board of Directors which makes the final decision. The Institute Advisory Council, which meets three time each year, represents gifted and knowledgeable individuals, both cleric and lay, who give unselfishly of their time and talent.

Our mission is to serve the Church by supporting the many Catholic ministries and organizations that serve the people.


Jerome B. Kearns

Jerome B. Kearns
Executive Director, Our Sunday Visitor Institute