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A young Father Noll
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Our Sunday Visitor, Inc., is the legacy of Archbishop John Francis Noll (1875-1956). As a young pastor at St. Mary’s parish in Huntington, IN, Father Noll founded Our Sunday Visitor, a national Catholic newspaper, on May 5, 1912, and began a lifelong apostolate to educate the Catholic laity in the faith and to help them to be prepared to defend the Church from its many critics.

Archbishop Noll saw the role of the laity as critical to the enduring strength of the Church. "The Church of God must depend upon her laity, who associate daily with the general populace, to infiltrate society with the right principles of morality," he wrote. Through books, pamphlets, periodicals and other catechetical efforts, Archbishop Noll spent his entire career encouraging and helping Catholics to bear witness to their faith.

His loyalty to, and love for, the Catholic Church, his eagerness to use his ability to engage the culture of his time, and his deep desire to create a laity well-educated in the faith, marked his ministry as priest and bishop. Today Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. renews its commitment to the vision of Archbishop Noll by service to the Church, its parishes, priests and people.

More about Our Sunday Visitor

To the thousands of Catholics who read a copy every week, the words Our Sunday Visitor mean a bright, informative, entertaining Catholic weekly newspaper that has been around for longer than they can remember.

Some of them would be surprised to learn that Our Sunday Visitor is also the name of one of the largest Catholic publishing companies in the U.S. -- involved in the production of religious books, catechetical materials, numerous periodicals, and offertory services -- as well as the home of America's favorite Catholic weekly.

But most know that the story of Our Sunday Visitor -- the newspaper and the firm -- begins with the vision of one Indiana parish priest shortly after the turn of the century.

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