Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive. Do you have a question? Email it to us at osvinstitute@osv.com.

Do I have to use the form?  No, however it is necessary that all information requested on our application form be provided
Can I send the completed application form electronically?  Yes, as long as it is sent by the deadline date.
When will I be notified of funding?  There are 3 deadlines and with each deadline the applications go through two boards. 

Please note: If a deadline falls on a weekend and/or holiday, please consider the following business day as the deadline for post-marking your application.

The Institute Advisory Committee meets first and then gives their recommendations to the OSV Board which meets to make the final decision.  The dates are as follows:

  • April 1 application deadline – Institute board meets in June, OSV Board meets in July
  • August 1 application deadline – Institute board meets in October, OSV Board meets in November
  • December 1 application deadline – Institute board meets in January, OSV Board meets in March

What is the average grant?  $25,000 to $35,000
Do you give grants to individuals?  No. We give only to organizations listed in The Official Catholic Directory
What if my organization is not listed in The Official Catholic DirectoryIf an organization is not listed in The Official Catholic Directory, then a letter is required from a sponsoring organization (diocese, parish, etc.) agreeing to the sponsorship plus instructions on how the funds will be distributed to the applying organization if funded. The letter should include the contact information from the sponsoring organization and their Tax ID Number.
Do you give grants to overseas projects?  Yes, but priority is on US-based projects.
• What does it mean to give serious consideration to the role of OSV?  We are required as a not-for-profit to be involved in all grants made.  This can be as an advisory to the project, member of the planning committee, co-sponsor or some other meaningful capacity in which OSV participates in the project funded.   
What does it mean that OSV has rights of first refusal to enter into collaboration with the Recipient to so market?  If you are requesting funding for a book or marketable product, OSV has first right of refusal to offer it as part of our product line
Do you fund projects for more than one year?  No, we normally fund for only one year.  We encourage start up projects with the hope that after two years you are self-sufficient or can seek other funding. 

Questions?  Send an email to osvinstitute@osv.com.