The Board of Directors of Our Sunday Visitor, Inc., and the Advisory Committee of Our Sunday Visitor Institute bear the responsibility of keeping alive the charisma of Archbishop Noll and applying it to the pastoral situation of the Church today.

Our Sunday Visitor Institute seeks, supports and encourages innovative Church-related programs and activities which are in accord with the mission established by Archbishop Noll and adhere to these general guidelines:

  1. Being in accord with the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.
  2. Being in accord with the fundamental mission of the Church as promulgated by Church leadership.
  3. Being in accord with the mission of Our Sunday Visitor, Inc., to serve the Church by articulating its teachings, educating its people, and evangelizing the broader culture.

Special areas of concern

The Board of Directors of Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. has set out specific areas of concern that are in agreement with the general guidelines. These areas of concern are central to the Church in the United States. They are in close harmony with the insights and legacy of Archbishop Noll and the enduring apostolate of Our Sunday Visitor.

No application will be considered by the Our Sunday Visitor Institute Advisory Committee that does not show evidence of one or more of these priority areas:

  1. Catechesis: Programs or activities that focus on adult, youth, child or family catechesis and respond to this country’s religious illiteracy.
  2. Vocations: Programs or activities that educate Catholics of all ages about the importance of personal vocations, encouraging them in service to the Gospel as students, married or single persons, priests and Religious.
  3. Evangelization: Programs or activities that contribute in concrete ways to the evangelization and defense of the Catholic faith.
  4. Advancing the Culture of Life: Programs or activities that advance the culture of life (i.e., stewardship, pro-life activities, NFP, end-of-life issues, death penalty, immigration, etc.)

Please note that Our Sunday Visitor Institute prefers to fund new and innovative projects that hold the promise of expanding into other parishes and dioceses. We do not encourage applications for projects that solely benefit the applying parish or school.